One Stop Services

Family Not all real estate companies provide One Stop service. At Rose & Womble Realty Co., we want to be different. We now provide a single point of contact for your home-buying and selling convenience during the course of your transaction. You no longer have to make four or five different contacts. Our One Stop service makes buying or selling a home quicker, more efficient, less expensive and easier! Most home buyers and sellers use many of the services traditionally seen as important to the real estate transaction – from selecting an agent, procuring mortgage lending, title insurance, homeowner’s insurance, home inspection to home warranty, settlement and more. We have conveniently tied all these services together under one umbrella for you.

Consumer Perspectives of Realty One Stop Shopping are Positive

A survey of 2,052 recent and future home buyers (within one year) was recently conducted by Harris Interactive, parent company of the highly respected Harris Poll, and sponsored by RESPRO, the Realty Alliance and Murry Consulting. Some of their findings are listed below:

When offered the option of a simplified One Stop shopping process where all services required for a real estate transaction were provided through one source, consumers clearly indicated a strong preference for this option. 82% of all buyers polled preferred One Stop shopping service.

Home buyers who used one source for all the services required for a real estate transaction had a much better overall experience, as well as more satisfactory experience in virtually all the individual service areas.

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First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation

Home buyers, both recent and future, have a very positive view toward One Stop shopping and the benefits that can be derived from being able to acquire all necessary services from one source. The benefits address the issues of simplicity, efficiency and convenience. It’s an easier process that can be conducted faster, with less room for error and with assurance that each service will be conducted with equal quality. Buyers and sellers who have already experienced One Stop shopping report a much higher level of satisfaction than those who have not.

RW One Stop Advantage


At Rose & Womble Realty Co., we are dedicated to being your #1 real estate resource. That is the reason that we are bringing you RW One Stop Advantage – our program to “bring it all together” for a smooth and worry-free real estate transaction. This program offers special services and discounts along the way. When you use our RW One Stop service partners – a truly integrated transaction process is created. We have placed Home Mortgage Consultants in each of our offices. Our title and settlement professionals are keenly familiar with our contracts and move the process along with NO surprises. And, our insurance company works hand-in-hand with each to get you to the closing table – and into your new home.

Ask your agent about these One Stop services and more including home inspections, home warranties, home security and more services – all available through ONE POINT OF CONTACT. You can learn more about our RW One Stop Advantage at

Our RW One-Stop Services Include...

  • Home Buying & Selling
  • Mortgage PreQualification
  • Market Analysis
  • Home Inspection
  • Home Security
  • Moving to or from Hampton Roads
  • Title and Settlement
  • Agent Selection
  • New Homes
  • Insurance
  • Home Warranties
  • Property Management

Put Our "One-Stop" Advantage to Work for You

  • Get Pre-Qualified with Advance Mortgage
  • $50 off Title & Settlement Services with Advance Title & Abstract