Clients Are Saying...

The BEST realtor EVER!! Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
- Ashley S
Carol has worked with us on several properties and she is an amazing agent! Her confidence and skill at her job has always made us feel confident through the process. We like to call her The Neffinator (like The Terminator ;)...she won't quit until the job is done!
- Larissa A
Carol was the best agent I have ever worked with I am very happy to have her as my agent and will continue to use her for all my real estate needs
- James H
I live in Washington DC and work a very chaotic work schedule. As a result, I never actually met Carol or even talked with her on the phone. I appreciated her willingness to conduct the entire transaction by email, which afforded me a tremendous amount of flexibility and allowed me to provide timely responses. In the end the sale was complicated by uncooperative renters and buyers. I was impressed with how Carol marshalled contractors to do the necessary repairs on a timeline that kept all parties happy.
- Jeffrey J